Korean Comic book Manhwa Series - METAL HEART
Korean Comic book Manhwa Series - METAL HEARTKorean Comic book METAL HEART - 1Korean Comic book METAL HEART - 2Korean Comic book METAL HEART - 3Korean Comic book METAL HEART - 4Korean Comic book METAL HEART - 5Korean Comic book METAL HEART - 6

Korean Comic book Manhwa Series - METAL HEART


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Item Location : 
Republic of Korea
Condition : New   
Language : Korean
Size : about 14.8 x 21 x 1cm (5.82 x 8.26 x 0.39in)  
Pages : 180  /  Age : 17+
Published in Korea

Korean Comic book Manhwa Series - METAL HEART

Hyun Minwoo, is a normal 11th grade student with excellent dating skill, who is also a game maniac renowned as the best gamer in the country. 
During a fighting game called METAL HEART 2 that Minwoo has played, its system has been confused with a Galgame by accident.
Minwoo has been captured into the game in which he has to participate as a main role in the confusion.

  THIS BOOK series has Total 16 VOLUMES : Select in the Option Box (The Last 16th is Extra Edition)
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